Re: [Harp-L] plagarism

"... taking solos note-for-note from Sonny Boy II and Little Walter 
and inserting them into other songs without attribution, therefore passing 
them off as original improvisations. I consider this musical plagarism, 
probably commited to cover up a deficiency in improvising. Does anyone 
agrees that this would constitute plagarism? It is almost certainly a 
copyright violation."

Huh??  I suppose Mark O'Conner inserting the Flintstones theme into the
Orange Blossom Special on "New Nashville Cats" constitutes plagiarism?
I don't know what you call it, but I call it genius, flattery, and a fine
sense of what a good solo is.  Can you copyright an improvisation, or is
that an oxymoron waiting to happen? Sorry, folks, but I think this is about
the silliest post I have read in my 12 years perusing harp-l.  Not that the
poster is silly - no ad hominem here - just that the post is silly.  Perhaps
if the soloist had alternated Sonny Boy II and Little Walter notes he could
have camouflaged his subterfuge.  Clever that the poster misspelled
plagiarism just so he couldn't be accused of "plagarizing" the dictionary.
Well he asked for my opinion and here it is....Long Live Quoting the
Greats!, even in their entirety.  Perhaps we need to do "air quotes" when we
get to that part of our solos. Yikes!

Fred S

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