[Harp-L] SPAH roll call

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Warren Bee wrote:

 >I tried a Harp-l / SPAH roll call a few weeks ago and nobody
 >said nuttin'!  How 'bout it, who's committed to coming this year?

I'm in.  I will be holding down a table again at Joe Filisko's 
teach-in.  We'll probably be concentrating on intonation, bending to 
pitch, and working in some of the easier positions beyond third, but 
the format is loose and it's all about what people most want to learn.  
Come by and say hi.


I'm there too!  BTW, George helped me a lot with his intonation mini-lesson
at last year's teach-in.  Highly recommended for anyone wanting to improve
their sound.  Tim Moyer's seminar on Paddy Richter-in-different-positions
was an eye-opener, got me exploring 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th a lot more in the
last year (albeit on a standard Richter for now).  Those are just 2 things
that come to mind among the many reasons I'LL BE BACK.  Hope to see you all

(BTW, I had no problem with the hotel last Sat 23rd, so I think you are all
still good to go if you can join us).

Fred S

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