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I don't know about plagarism -- I'm no lawyer; but I sure think it's 
in bad taste, remembering what Glenn said -- especially the "note-for-
note" part (and played in a different song, as if it were your own 
improv. and not acknowledging what you did.  It's a bit hard to 
imagine that it would be unconscious "admiration" if it were really 
note-for-note.  Based on Glenn's description, I don't think chord 
progressions or 3-note licks are really apt comparisons.  (But, hell, 
I can't even play my solos note-for-note!)

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I heard a well known harmonica player last weekend and found that 
person was taking solos note-for-note from Sonny Boy II and Little 
and inserting them into other songs without attribution, therefore 
them off as original improvisations. I consider this musical 
probably commited to cover up a deficiency in improvising. Does 
agrees that this would constitute plagarism? It is almost certainly a 
copyright violation. I don't want to name this person at this point.

-Glenn Weiser

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