Re: [Harp-L] To Gear Or Not To Gear

On 6/28/07, Ken Deifik <kenneth.d@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

"...Too many new players get caught up in the gear before they can play much at all."

Wow, you must have mystical powers of perception; able to assess a player's skill level by reading an email at Harp-L. It's okay for good players to get gear, but not those who can't "play much at all." Amazing! 8^)

Even begining players can start experimenting with gear; there is totally
nothing wrong with that.  The notion that we need to become virtuosos before
we gear up is utter nonsense.  If a player hears a tone he likes from one of
the greats, I think it is a terrific idea to get the same gear.

Look... anybody who ever wanted to play blues harp and tried it even once
leaned quickly that it takes years of work and dedication to sound good.  If
that is your point, you are belaboring the obvious.  Getting a harp rig does
not make you a better or worse player, but it gives you something to work
with, and if that inspires a new player to practice more, then that is a
wonderful thing.


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