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SONNYTONE@xxxxxxx wrote:
<Hi, I have to jump in on the reissue fender bassman. I modified with  
<speakers and tubes at least 30 of them before building the 410, and they are NOT
<capacitors and resistors in the circuit, rather a printed circuit board. They  
<use bright Jensen P!0R speakers, and in the UK they probably cost about $1400.  
<Then you talk about swapping speakers, tubes, etc., that may bring it to 
<$1800.  And then, all you have is a still a Fender Reissue. My amps are <completely set  up to blow and go...

Based on what I've heard and played through, I agree that if you're already planning to spend in the price range of a Sonny Junior, the rig to buy is a Sonny Junior.

Regards, Richard Hunter
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