[Harp-L] Re: Blues repertoire

Some good suggestions have been made and some of these might already have been mentioned.
- Juke. The ultimate blues harmonica anthem. 
- Parchman Farm. Leaves plenty of room for improvisation.
- Don't Start Me Talking. Really nice one and listening to SBW original and covers, eg James Cotton, will give you
  ideas on how to develop your own version.
- Easy. Another anthem.
Of course there are hundreds of potential songs for blues harp and listening to the great players will give you ideas for your own playing.

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> I play harp in a duo, but its mostly classic rock - only a 
> little blues. I want to start playing more blues and plan on 
> hitting the local blues jams in my area. I need to build up 
> my blues repertoire. I'm not looking for just harp songs, but 
> any blues songs that are the most common ones that will come 
> up at blues jams and sit-in opportunities. Anyone care to 
> help start a list?
>   Thanks,
>   Jim McBride

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