[Harp-L] Re: Subject: How to turn plastic bags into...a harmonica case, perhaps?

Okay.  This may seem a trifle odd:  But I just watched this  little video 
about creating a Messenger bag out of plastic bags (fused by  ironing the folded 
bags between sheets of waxed paper), ergo turning them into a  "tyvex" type 
material...then sewing the resulting wide strips into actual  bags.  
The thought struck me as the young man in the video was putting together  his 
Messenger Bag (copied from an earlier bag (design  provided)...that a similar 
type of harmonica case could be stitched  together which could resemble  the 
type of harp case Randy is looking  for.  For those with an iron, plastic 
bags, a sewing machine, velcro  but very little funds to purchase a leather or 
fabric case, or simply a  love of working with their hands and/or keeping things 
"green"... you're  limited only by your imagination.
P.S.  I already envision the "inside" case holding the harps being the  8ply 
talked about in the video..in order to sew the "slots" for the harps (both  
diatonics and chromatics)...but that "sleeve" should slip inside and be velcroed 
 to...a stronger and stiffer "outer" tri-fold velcroed case of thicker  

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