[Harp-L] Again... Delay

By now it has become pretty obvious that different people like different delays. I have tried many and like the Maxon analog but upon trying something else could easily change my mind. I think the issue with harp players is the potential degradation in tone of the amplifier that's amplifying the delay so that player, microphone, delay and amp all add up to the satisfaction of the player (and hopefully audience). Most Boss delays seem to serve at least some harp players well. I was asking my Russian girlfriend what was the most challenging transition for her when she first arrived in America 13 years ago and she said it was the abundance of choices. There are so many delays available here in the U.S. that it can make you dizzy. Invest the most you can and as you close in on a purchase post it for a critique here and I'm sure someone will have either tried it themselves or know someone who has. d


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