Re: [Harp-L] Third Chromatic Seminar]

I attended the first one back three summers ago and I agree with
everything Slim was a great learning experience and tremendous
fun...everyday we'd all go into Copake for lunch; at night we went for
dinner: lots of discussion, stories,and as Slim said, you'll meet some
great folks there, too. That's where I met Slim, who is a very nice guy in
addition to being a heck of a player...and yes, Copake is
beautiful...after the afternoon session, everybody who wants to goes to
the local park for a run--if you're into that--and a swim...lots of fun..
I got to jog with Bonfiglio every day for a week and listen to him talk
about music, players, practicing,  state of the music business both in the
classical world and otherwise...again, just a great experience. And for
me, a person who lives in a rural area, thus not having the benefit of
getting to regularly hear great music live, the experience of sitting in
Bonfiglio's living room on a cool summer morning, listening to him
demonstrate various forms of vibratto, or maybe play Bach, was
otherwordly...certainnly one of the great inspirations of my musical life.
I'm going again this year: hope to see you there!
WVa Bob

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