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All this talk about the upcoming SPAH is really bumming me out.  I'm stuck
every day in my restaurant in Berkeley.  I figured by now I'd be able to get
away and for sure attend SPAH, but it isn't looking like it this year.  I
was looking forward to hearing some great harp, meeting up with some good
friends, and sucking down some beer and brats.  But, it ain't going to work
for me this year.

Ah, but next year may be a different story, I hope.  I wish all of you a
fantastic SPAH this year!


Robert Gaustad

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Well, I reserved my room for SPAH in Milwaukee last week. I always have some
personal issues that make it 'iffy' to get to these things, but I have high
hopes it will work.
I'm practicing as regularly as possible, so I won't look like a total idiot
when I get there. This really looks like it will be a good convention and
I'm anticipating seeing a lot of friendly, familiar faces.
But hey, Warren, I definitely won't have any fifth position stuff ready by
Steve "Moandabluz' Webb
a fool for the harp in Minnesota
More harp content: I'm going to see Little Charlie and the Nightcats
Saturday night at an all-day blues deal near here.
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