[Harp-L] 5th position clip

  Enjoyed the clip, but I would've tackled that one with the low F# harp.
Well worth the investment for playing blues in Bb.  One of the many nice
things about 5th position is that all the oddball harps in your harpcase
that have been gathering dust are now quite useful.  The Ab harp puts you in
the key of C; the low Eb puts you in G; the low F# gives you all the horn
stuff in Bb.  The low F is a great option for the key of A.  Currently, I'm
having a lot of fun using my low Seydel C to play along with blues tunes in
  Hey, I'll be at S.P.A.H. from that wednesday on.  Wouldn't miss it for
the world.  I concur with Richard Hunter; the conventions are a great chance
to see the history, diversity, and greatness of our instrument.  One of my
favorite moments: watching Kim Wilson with his hand under his chin, staring
and listening intently to ancient Dixieland jazz player Joe Martin playing a
mournful New Orleans blues on his chromatic at the piano bar.  I think half
the audience was watching Kim quietly digging the older man's playing.
Beautiful moment.

Mick Zaklan

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