[Harp-L] Blackberry Blossom, Tony Eyers and the Lawnmowers

For those interested in bluegrass, you may like this version of "Blackberry Blossom", done by my band the Lawnmowers at the National Folk Festival in Canberra, Australia in April this year.

Its at http://www.harmonicatunes.com/Blackberry_Blossom.wmv

It is meant to a brisk tune. Have patience with the start, it does speed up. For more on the Lawnmowers, see http://www.themowers.net

I won't be at SPAH this year, but will instead be in Southern China, visiting my wife's family. A trip I am looking forward to, for sure, but I would love to be in Milwaukee nonetheless. I would like to add to Richard Hunter's comments about the convention. When I was there in 2005, I was struck by the friendliness of everybody. Even though the finest players in the world were there, the less experienced players were encouraged to play at all times, and to be a part of the music.

Tony Eyers

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