[Harp-L] 5th position clip

A few weeks ago an online musician buddy emailed me a backing track and
asked me to lay down some licks over it. The track is basically the Thrill
is Gone in Bbm. So I did one take on my $10 radio shack mic through my
computer with a simple recording program I have. I sent it back to him raw
and very dry. He then "produced" it with his home studio setup and
cleaned/spiced it up a bit. I used two harps, an F# in 5th position and a
Lee Oskar natural Bm. I just posted the results on my webpage. It's on the
bottom and I called it "The Wizard of Oz & Forest Gump Meet BB King ala
Bee". It is amazing what good processing equipment can do to a dry clip of
rambling harmonica licks. Once again it seems I am captured playing high
pitched harps. That F# I used was an old stock Marine Band that was sitting
on my desk. A few folks had asked me to show examples of my 5th position
licks.well here they are! 


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