[Harp-L] classical seminar at SPAH

My first SPAH, my first post here!

I'm giving a seminar at SPAH this year, and would like your input if you plan to attend. I'm looking for some classical music players who will bring a solo or two (and recorded accompaniment) to participate in this seminar, described below.

I'm also looking for at least one each of chromatic, chord and bass, to play an arrangement of a part of Beethoven's 7th Symphony. Each part of this arrangement is modular; in other words, you'd only have to learn about 16 bars of music to be able to put this together. The music is easy, key of A minor, and s-l-o-w. I can send parts out ahead of time. If interested, contact me off-list: tombaehr AT verizon DOT net.


Most of the recorded classical music I’ve heard on chromatic harmonica has been way beyond my capabilities. They tend to contain showpieces for virtuoso players. But I love classical music, and have found several pieces that work for me.

Perhaps you have, too, I’d like us to share our experiences and our music, by playing for each other and by playing a short, simple piece or two together. Along the way, we can share techniques, sources for music, information on venues, and accompaniment options, and anything else that comes up.

Most importantly, we’ll explore style considerations in a discussion that compares and contrasts the approach to classical music to other genres, such as standards, jazz and rock.

Although it’s not required for this seminar, you’re welcome to bring music and CD accompaniment to share with the other participants. I’ll try to make this a hands-on workshop, so your input will be a real plus. It’s also okay just to come and listen.

A novice on harmonica,Tom Baehr loves to play mostly classical music, reflecting his musical training. He relies on his half-century background on flute for inspiration.

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