[Harp-L] Boston Jam Camp

If money is no object definitly stay at the the hotel.
In my opinion about 40% of the fun,
benifit,networking, etc, is the stuff that happens
outside of the schedualled workshop hours.

 If you live in the world I do, I would commute (your
only talking 30 minutes right) and plan on getting one
hour per night less sleep than anyone else. Just
because the jams go till 2 or 3 AM doesn't mean that
you can't stay until they end and then drive home. and
then show up well before things start the next day. I
figure I make up for that hour of sleep by sleeping in
my own bed with my own wife. LOL

 Plan on eating all your meals at the hotel to spend
as much time with the attendees as if you were staying
at the hotel.

 All of the above is from the perspective of a non
drinker. If you like to drink, forget every thing I
said, stay at the hotel, and have a blast.


On Jun 21, 2007, at 10:49 AM, Pic2318834@xxxxxxx

>  My question is to those who have been to these
camps.  How much does
> it matter to commute rather than staying at the

You're going to want to stay at the hotel.  Even when
the camp is in  
my hometown and the hotel is less than
10 minutes from my house,  I stay at the hotel. 
You'll miss out on a  
lot of good stuff that happens at night, if you check
and leave early.  We had jams going until 2 & 3am 
last Friday and  
Saturday in Tampa...


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