[Harp-L] SPAH

Add me to the list of folks going to SPAH. I'm going to be running a workshop on using effects devices with Randy Singer, and participating in a panel run by Winslow Yerxa on playing diatonic and chromatic.  I'm also looking forward to hearing the usual assortment of monster players, which this year includes Charlie Musselwhite, the first guy who ever blew my mind on any instrument.

Every year there's a bunch of "should I go to SPAH?" messages on Harp-L, so I thought I'd just respond in advance this year. To answer the question, imagine that you're a guitar player.  Now imagine that there's a convention for guitarists, and at this convention you can not only hear Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Robert Cray, Julian Bream, James Ulmer, and every other heavyweight player you can name, in every genre going, play and talk about how they play--you can walk up to them and talk shop, more or less anytime, because they're hanging out and checking out everybody's stuff, and so are you.  

Wouldn't you go?  Hell, I'd probably go to that convention even if I only liked listening to guitar, never mind playing it.

So yes, you should go to SPAH.

Regards, Richard Hunter
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