Re: [Harp-L] Cubicles!

I tell ya where the "cubicle" idea could work, if they'd allow it. Hard
time. Solitary confinement.

Just think how much profit those inmates could have if each one were offered
a musical instrument. All that time to practice.

I bet they'd be some mighty fine bands come outta that.

But instead,, nowdays, all they end up with is rap songs, and bad ones at
that. You might call it a "bum rap",,

rim shot,,

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> Sounds like a Dilbert idea. Most of us spend our lives trying to get out
of cubicles. I damn sure ain't paying to go in no cubicle. When I quit my
last job years ago (well, after my daughter said mockingly "you work in a
cubicle??"), i decided I would *never* work in a cubicle again. respect for
all those who to, it's pretty much unavoidable in these days of corporate
slavery. not that it's bad to *have* a job and there are certainly worse
working conditions (i started working construction, industrial chain link
fence when I was 12 and every summer of my youth since then, plus untold
construction, concrete plant jobs, etc).
> but i ain't playing harp in no cubicle. well I guess that's a good
inspiration for the blues though!
> PS - convention and other harp gathering folks could definitely take some
ideas from here as far as recreating the scene as elizabeth and bob have
said. tables with candles, etc. at gindick's jam camps often they have the
saturday open jam (and nightly impromptu jams) at *real* bars/blues clubs.
now that's sweet!
> Bill Hines
> Hershey, PA
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> > That's the ticket,,CUBICLES!
> >
> > Hold a seminar, or a convention, or a festival, or a gig, or a club, or
> > happening,,
> >
> > where everyone gets their own cubicle,,part of the entry fee.
> >
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