[Harp-L] Pre-war harmonicas

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Can someone help me to understand why a majority of the 10-hole  pre-war 
harmonicas ( Echo-Richter tuned, Orkester, etc ) I buy off Ebay play  
sooooooosmooth, incredibly easy ( next to no air to activate the reeds ), and  sound full 
and strong? It's like night and day, even compared to today's Special  20's.
If I could buy harmonicas like this all the time, I'd gladly pay  twice the 
price of a regular one!

Brian, i don't think i've ever seen a pre-war harp, but in my experience,  
the reason harps play well is due to good manufacturing - close tolerances,  
airtightness of the harp, and proper gapping.
  My questions to u - how do u know that they are pre-war harps?   And aren't 
u afraid that the harps u buy on ebay would be over-played and that  they 
would need tuning?  Or don't u care, because they are collector's  items?  Just 
ron - FL Keys

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