[Harp-L] Ibanez Delay Sample Clips

Here is a short sample clip of the Ibanez AD9 re-issue analog delay pedal.

Ibanez AD9 Delay <http://www.davisbluesproject.com/music/ibanezad9.mp3>

*Please forgive my lame playing.*  I play blues scales on a Hohner Pro Harp
in A.

This clip has three parts.  The first part is dry, the second part
is thickener (AD9 controls at about 10:00 o'clock), and third part is more
delay (controls at 12:00 o'clock).

I'm using a JT-30 with CM into a SF Champ. The amp is mic'ed with an SM58,
recorded with a Zoom H4.

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