[Harp-L] clips,,one mo' time

Yeah, definitely like an "AA" meeting,,or maybe "HA" (harps anonymous). "Hi,,I'm Bob,,I play blues harp,,"


Chris, for instance, is just too dang white. He's okay, for a white boy, but every so often his bends can't keep up with his beats. That comes from being just too dang academic. Ya got ta get "in the zone". Ya gotta "get crayayzy". Be there, or be square. 

Not just "chromatic", but "dynamic". Not just "melody line", but "mighty fine". Ya got to get in front of it, not behind it. Hit it early. Make those reeds catch up.

Don't MIND it, GRIND IT! Zen, bru-tha,,

Get INTENSE, it makes more sense.

Now Jason, he's allright. He's black as night.

I'm just pickin' on Chris,,hehe,,

Nice music,,

Mama, whe' m' shades go t'?


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