[Harp-L] SPAH In Brat Town

I'll be there  along with Musselwhite and band, Adam Gussow, Jim Liban and Band (Billy Flynn guitar), Bruce Kurnow, Steve Cohen, Brendan Powers, Slideman Slim, Ron Kalina, Randy Singer, Jerry Adler, James Conway, Cara Cooke, Grant Dermody, Winslow, Buzz and Joe, Charles Spranklin, Stan harper, The Andy Wilson Trio (Andy lead, Bud Boblink chord and Frank Warner bass),  The Society Boys, The Harmonica Junction and about 300 others having a good time.  

I wanna say this year will be a great chromatic year as well as a great blues and traditional  convention. 

Please book early to let us know how were doing.  So far were doing great.  If you have trouble booking, drop me a line.

Paul Davies 

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