[Harp-L] Re: Pedals

Guess we could  go back and forth with this for a long time, everyone has t
heir preference.  I know Brad and personally this pedal does not give boost to 
my amps, you may  need to change your tone settings a bit, but that it just my  
experience. I did have one modified by Kinder and it crapped out so I am not  
keen on the mod as I don' t feel it needs it with a strong CM, CR,  or 
crystal mic.  The Boss DM2 Definitely boosted the signal, I have  owned many 
Echoplexes, hard to deal with vibration, and did like the Boss  RV5  I was stocking, 
but it was $150 versus 90 for the Danecho. I am  computer illiterate and do 
not know how to use You Tube or My Space or I would  certainly put something up 
there.  I need to put sound bites of my new amp  on my site, so I end up going 
into the studio and making a CD to have uploaded.  I bought a brand new Sony 
405 camcorder and can't understand the freaking  manual. I would think that a 
guitar store like Sam Ash or any local one would  let you bring in your amp 
and try different pedals as long as you were serious  about buying one. 

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