Re: [Harp-L] third position

            I either just continue to play the blues scale over the V
chord, or a dominant V chord (example on a C harp - A arpeggio):

1          2    3         3                4      5    6       6     7 
   8       9    10
V         ^    ^         V                V      ^   ^       V     V   
^      ^     V      
Bent                   Bent           Bent                             

C#      E    G          A              C#    E    G       A     B     E
     G     A

With the C# (the 3rd) missing in the top octave, it's a little weak up
there. You have to overdraw 7 if you want that. But holes 1-6 makes a
pretty useful arpeggio, and it sounds great (and is very easy) to go to
the IV right after - a straight draw arpeggio, G in this example - as
long as you are using the typical 3rd position chords: Im, IVM, 
VDom7th. The B on draw 7 makes it a 9th arpeggio of course. It's easiest
(I find) to practice it by starting on draw 6 (A in this example on the
C harp, and going down to 1.   
I like leaning heavily on the blow 2-3,  5-6, 8-9  and often use a
tongue block to get like 3-5, 6-8 etc. These holes give you the 7th and
5th of the V chord, which, while being a bit weak without the 3rd, still
sound good worked in with the accompaniment ane the rest of your
By the way, these same notes sound great played as chords on the I
chord; I like using blow 1-2 as a rhythm accompaniment. It's a 7th and
9th. Sounds very spooky!

Good luck!
Rick (hope I got it all right) Dempster

>>> <rainbowjimmy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 18/06/2007 21:06:03 >>>
I finally figured out where the notes are was actually riffing in 3rd 

position last night. I've been playing in 3rd for years on the  
chromat6ic, I don't know why it seemed harder on the diatonic.I'm not 

real sure what to play on the V chord and my intonation is a little  
spotty but that's what vibrato is for.

Rainbow Jimmy 
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