Re: [Harp-L] Re: The best delay

For my money, I'd say that the best Delay is Paul.

....sorry if it's an old joke....


On 6/18/07, av1901@xxxxxxx <av1901@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I don't know what the best delay is....... but for live gigs I really like
my Boss DM-2 analogue delay pedal. Just enough warm enhancement to fill out
the tone, plus, it is small and bullet proof. William Clark (RIP) used one
when I saw him last.

If money and size/weight/hassel were no object, I'd use a tape delay
(either a tube Echoplex or one of those new The Plex $1,000+ recreations).
I've played through both in the past and loved the sound. The DM-2 gets
about 90% 'there' for what I want sound-wise, and it requires no maintenance
so that's what I use.

Andy Vincent

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