[Harp-L] Brendan Power

Around 10 years ago I struggling with fiddle tunes on harmonica, and wondering whether they could even be done. Then someone at a festival mentioned Brendan Power. Some time after that, late one night at work, I found him on the Internet, along with a clip form his album "New Irish Harmonica". We take Internet music and video for granted now, but it was only getting started then. I remember the opening bars of "Drunken Landlady", crackly, almost from another planet, but amazingly clear at the same time. I knew then that the music could be played, and I'm forever grateful to Brendan for this.

About a year later, I met Brendan at Jim Conway's place (Jim is a very well known Australian harmonica player and mentor). Jim mentioned that I played some of Brendan's stuff, and we were soon ripping through the Drunken Landlady set, which I since learnt. Its a rare thing for your favorite tracks to take life in this way.

Brendan is a harmonica player's harmonica player. He loves meeting other players, discussing harmonicas, playing stuff and getting involved. He fits in with whoever is there, and adapts what he plays to let others feel comfortable. His harmonica case is a masterpiece of compact engineering. He would be great value at SPAH.

PS During one of our afternoons together, Brendan saw me bashing at a guitar (pretty much all I do with the instrument). The following night he had a pickup gig at a local venue, I was there. He asked if I could accompany him, playing guitar on his tune "Seargent Major Minor". I said sure, grabbed the chart, ran to my car, got my guitar (which I rarely carry), and stumbled through it a few times. Back inside, we had a run through back stage. Brendan gave me a look, and asked if I was up to it. At this point, I couldn't back down. We went on stage, and played it. I got hopelessly lost in the B part, but somehow managed to keep going. Brendan was very complementary after we were done.

That was my first time on stage with a guitar.

Tony Eyers

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