[Harp-L] Re: Delay pedals

I am now stocking  the Danecho Delay pedal as it does not add boost to the 
signal. The Boss DM2  does, and could make feedback an issue. The Danecho is 
smooth and gives a sweet  wet sound. I sell it for the same price as Musicians 
Friend, $90 plus shipping.  Can't beat it, Dave Barrett is a strong proponent of 
it and uses it exclusively  with my amps. To add a note, the first 10 
Crunchers are in the hands or on their  way to customers, the first guys that got 
them gave rave reviews, it barks like  a big dog and is only 40 pounds. Price is 
$1850 for now, with all the extreme  quality we have put in our amps for 12 

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