[Harp-L] Re: Best Delay pedal

Hi Paul,
I used several over the years but found the best for me is the
PA's built in delay effects. As you know pedals in general can thin your tone
and volume level going to the amp unless they are tweaked in some manner.

I've been miking my amp for several months now and found the effects in the pa
doesn't thin the tone coming from the amp. I don't lay it on thick. Just enough to "fan" the sound in the room the
way a guitar player sounds in a room.
I leave this setting all night.
You can add more if the effect you are looking for is noticeable echo yet the sound still fills the room
rather then thinning out via harp amp.

Since no one else uses effects or reverb on their vocals I have the effects for myself.

I recently got rid of pedal rack. Plug and play now with no pedals to deal with.


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I use a Boss DD3 for delay. But I only use it occasionally because to
my ear it sounds very cold.
I am looking for something warmer.
I have heard that analog is better than digital. True or False?
I was wondering what everybody else uses?


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