Re: [Harp-L] The Best Delay Pedal--

The best delay pedal is the one whose sound you like the most, of course. analog pedals have a somewhat different sound than digital--more grit and less high end, in particular--and they often sound very good with blues rigs, which don't have a lot of high end in the sound anyway and already have a lot of grit.

I own a few different delay pedals, and they all sound good. My Electro-Harmonica deluxe Memory man is definitely an analog sound, and it works very well for blues and rock.

My Akai Headrush has a more "digital" sound, meaning cleaner. It also does looping delay. It sounds very nice on acoustic stuff.

The Digitech RP100/200/300 series pedals have three different delays, and all three have a distinct character and sound good with harp. The "analog" (meaning a digital imitation of analog delay) in particular seems to sound nice with all sorts of harp styles. Delay can be put under footpedal control with this unit. Musicians Friend is moving their warehouse and selling out a bunch of RP200s right now at about $90, which is a very good price for this pedal.

The digitech RP 150/250/350 have a model of the Boss DM-2 built in, but I couldn't get it to sound very good. You may be luckier.

The Digitech X-series Digital delay pedal has a number of good delays in it, including good analog and tape emulations, and sells for under $100.

High end units, including the higher-end stompboxes like the Line 6 Echo Park, go for twice that or more, but you should be able to get a good pedal for $100 or less.

Regards, Richard Hunter
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