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Paul Routledge axes & sez :

I use a Boss DD3 for delay. But I only use it occasionally because to my ear it sounds very cold. I am looking for something warmer. I have heard that analog is better than digital. True or False? I was wondering what everybody else uses?



Hurricane sez :

Well Partner your going to get a lot of action of this :

Analog vs Digital state of debate 

But who cares anyway , it is what sounds like you want it to sound like in the final nitty gritty of it all .

Here's my story and I'm sticking to it . No body saw me and you can't prove a thing : 

I wondered and looked and { TRIED } just about everything available in the early 90's for  ,

- - That SOUND - -

Echoplex's , you name it ...... 

A friend told me he had a bunch of gear he needed to get rid of ( amps , speaker cabs for P.A. use mics , and such he had a pro P.A. set up he rented out locally here in the Palm Springs/Coachella Valley area  ) and it was going " Cheap " .

I ended buying all sorts of stuff :) But in this case about delays " Paul Routledge " axes about here's my take .

The two URLS are for a guitar FXs unit made by Ibanez that since the time I bought it I have seen in many of the best studios in Hollywood/Burbank area and through out the southern California music recording studio scene and on many stages live .
Ibanez HD1500 :

It's a two piece uinit , one rack mountable with it's umbilical chord & floor stomp box switch assembly . I have read many reviews since I bought it when I wanted to know why I have seen it so many times and who has used it for why .....

These ones  below( reviews ) from Harmony-Central are a good way to objectively measure a given products success or failure 

- - And  - -  

The chance ebay find of one really cheap on ebay is mighty mighty tempting , I don't purchase nothing - nada - nil - niente  electronics on ebay save for the exception of CF memory cards :) .  

< http://cgi.ebay.com/Ibanez-HD1500-Harmonics-Delay-PC40-Controller-cable_W0QQitemZ290128378180QQihZ019QQcategoryZ41415QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem >

Comments on Harmony-Central :

< http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Effects/product/Ibanez/HD-1500+Harmonic+Delay/10/1 >

Why I love this unit :

I love its versatility , beside it's apparent use for the electric guitar , this unit can be use for an acoustic guitar and or harp running bullet into it or a SM57/58 ( depending on your pursuation :) , and vocals come out super clean too into a P.A. 

It's able to make harmonic copies of your harp or guitar tone or voice at the lowest sounding " Manic Mechanic " voice like ZZTops and then also do a three part harmony of your tones or voice . 

The Delay :

It's got @%^& most harp player will go :

" Huhhhhhhhhh " like the Cave Man .....:)

....I did at first take looking at it's front face control panel and the the back sides different " outs " . It's a cool tool .

Any ( and everyone who knows what it is and needs one just about ) guitarist who knows what this is capable of doing would jump at this offer on ebay I would wager to think if they are a classic electric Rock-N-Roller type .

Lately it's gathered dust here with my new addition DAW Digitech GNX4 guitar work station , it can replicate all the stuff I said about the Ibanez HD 1500 .

- - But - - 

Aside from being a floor type stomp box mode of use  ( both the Ibanez & Digitech units ) that's where they stop being comparable as the Digitech GNX4 in one solo floor unit and it has also 10 additional stomp box FXs   , ie it's got the Legendary Ibanez 

" Tube Screamer " 

in it ( using the exact ic chip Ibanez used on  it's original pedal ) as well as a whole plethora of recording power / live mic mixer with vocal FX's like the ones for the guitar only in the Digitech  GNX4 offers you a LoHZ mic to work with and the Ibanez HD1500 does not .

The reason I was really turned on about the Digitech GNX4 was because it had features that would allow me to continue my type of " sound " I developed when I first began using FXs like delay and such others like 3 part harmony harmonica tones . 

The Rock-N-Roller guitar guitar guys really exploit these sounds ( harmonic parts including a octave low root and then the 3rd & 5th of a major chord , delay LFO's , phasers , flangers , chourus  ) and I was able to do it too with my harps . Other things you can do  is playing around with a LFO oscillators like guitar players do . I got to understand and use this with the Ibanez and the Digitech went a step further with 

- - TWO - -

LFO oscillators to work with and NO waiting :) !

I could go on and on about this , if any one wants more on this info go buy one ...............

Naw Naw Naw ...... Write me off or on list :)

Easy Breatherns Of Bombastic Breath Behavior

Sincerely :

Hurricane Ramon                        


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