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Hi Brat
My favorite Blues joint is The Harlem Ave Lounge They also have a jam on Thursday. There is a great jam with the Harry Garner Band at Luvin Music on Wed. & of course my blues jam THE Q JAM at Penny Road Pub in Barrington Il. . Buddy's is great Kingston Mines, Blues, Rosas Blue Chicago & many more. As you know, you can see the best Blues in the world every night in Chicago

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Everyone loves Rosa's! I was talking to Tony (the owner) at the Chicago Blues Fest on Sunday. He gave me a few tix to see Zac Harmon at Rosa's that night. Unfortunately I never made it there. My daughter got very sick and we ended up going to the ER from the Fest. She just came home from the hosp yesterday :) Rosa's is very popular in Chicago and you guys should try to stop in there when you're in town!
I like Buddy Guy's Legends a lot. Most of my best blues photos were taken at Legends. Well known musicians can often be found hanging out there too.
Ack! I have 300 photos to sort through from the Chicago Blues Fest last weekend! Chicago Brat
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Rosa's Thursday jam was open last time I was there, and it was cookin'! A great friendly place, I highly recommend it.

-Dave Fertig

"O'Sullivan, Chris (GPCT-CAI)" <Chris_O'Sullivan@xxxxxx> Subject: [Harp-L] Blues Clubs in Chicago Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 16:14:14 -0400 To:harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx Here is the place I go when in CHITOWN. It is a little local bar in a
part of town ... well .. There are two or three check cashing joints in
eyesight of the front door. I take a cab there and back. Just look at
the regular players. I have seen Billy Branch just hangin at the bar
when I went to see Melvin Sparks. I do not know if the Thursday night
JAM is open or just the band describing thier act. I like a steakplace
called wildfires. I always stay at the Embassy suites near the PIER and
the PJ RIELYS attach3ed to the lobby was always packed late with drunken
flousies. I need to go back come to think of it.

Chris O'Sullivan

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