[Harp-L] re: hohner blues harp and now experimentation blues

Tried one, was pleasantly surprised having not played hohners in over 20 years. Bought one as an emergency harp. It was a little awkward using it live with my Lee Oskars because the harp was substabtially quieter and of course after a month it died.

I was excited this week because I was going to try a different brand of harp (Hering)but I chickened out. The Lee Oskars work. They're loud. They're gapped right for me. They last forever. Seriously I buy harps like once every 3-5 years. I just couldn't see spending twenty bucks on a harp and not know if it's loud enough, not know if the build quality is up to stuff, not know if I need to buy another one in a couple months, etc, etc. So--does any company make a harp with the build quality of the Lee Oskar, and the volume of the Lee Oskar with the tuning of the old Marine Bands? I still might get up the nerve to try one.

Rainbow Jimmy

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