Re: [Harp-L] Melody Maker tuning

Yes. I see your point Michael.

BTW, to clarify, my intention was not to criticize or correct - just
to share observations of the music and discuss the nitty gritty of
what chords are available...

I was wondering if jazz circles use "#" or "+" as a sharp, but maybe
other circles use +9 as "add 9", meaning regular 9?

I guess I see "#" or "+" and would think "sharp" either way.  What
does a + mean for you then?  Just augmented as in an augmented chord?

Anyway, great recording.

On 6/15/07, Michael Peloquin <peloquinharp@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>From: "Chesper Nevins" <chespernevins@xxxxxxxxx>
>To: harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx

>>big Major 7+9 >(I was listening for the "major 7 sharp 9" at the end wondering what >that might be, but I see now that it's a Maj7 with a 9...)

Chester & all,
common chord notation would be Cmaj9
the major 7 note in the chord is implied

+9 is not the best way to say raised 9th
IMO #9 is better

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