RE: [Harp-L] Silvertone 1474 amp for harp?

Don Zeller asked: 
Does anyone have comments on how an old Silvertone 1474 amp with 2 x12"
Jensens, Reverb, and 4 6L6 power tubes does for harp? 

I used to own a 1474 "piggy-back" model. Way cool. The amp head fit into
the lower portion of the speaker cabinet from the back and locked in
with two plastic thingies. I have heard a lot of older guitar players
claim that they prefer that particular amp to the "select" Fenders of
the era. High praise, indeed. Sears/Sivertone amps were made by
Danelectro. The cabinet is not as "road-worthy" as a fender of the same
age (allegedly), but mine was pushing 30 years old after a long, hard
life and showed very little in the way of battle scars. You can trash
ANY amp, if you put your mind to it...but why?

Replace the preamp tubes with low gain tubes (12AU7 or 12AY7) and you've
got a harp BEAST! The reverb on that amp is lush and good as
any Fender in my opinion. However, I didn't use the reverb a lot. I like
a "straight" sound. Plus using reverb generally adds a little more
potential for feedback issues. Not an especially "dirty" amp, but more
than enough grind for the "Walter" sound. Other than the weight, that
amp rates a 9.5 on the coolness scale. That amp, combined with a vintage
rayon bowling shirt, and you've got all the stage presence you'll ever

John Balding
Tallahassee, FL
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