Re: Re: [Harp-L] re: half-valving, big band tuning & Liz Reed

I first heard of Ed Coogan on Brendan's site.

I read that he played dimi tuned diatonics and that caught my attention.

At the same time I was listening to Brendan's CX10 demo of a slide-blues-harp.

I put those ideas together and my imagination really lit up thinking
of the possibilities of a "dimi tuned slide diatonic" - or - a "dimi
tuned half valved chromatic".

Since then, I have had the pleasure of hearing some of Ed's
dimi-diatonic recordings.  (I wish they were posted somewhere on the
web.) They're a great document of what can be done on the dimi

In looking at Ed's tuning:

Blow:   A  C  E  G
Draw:  B   D  F#  A

It looks like it has the same advantages of the dimi tuning in that each hole has the spacing of a whole step for bending purposes. But it seems like it has the advantage of being more diatonic than the dimi, and giving more useful chords than just a diminished chord all the time! (Need the slide for the Eb, though?)

If I wasn't so into the dimi chrom, I'd give it a try.

I hope I can hear Ed in person some day, or at least some recordings
on this new tuning.  I think he is an innovator!


Oh, PS. Ed, does the slide-in position go flat or sharp?

See the website I put together for Bill Romel:
<a href="";>Bill Romel's
Harmonica Workshop</a>

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