Re: Re: Re: [Harp-L] music and perception

Garry Hodgson wrote:

> IcemanLE@... wrote:
> > Some artists are adding the hiss, crackle and pop to their CD 
> > releases to give it that vintage sound - Portishead being one 
> > of them. Never thought I'd get nostalgic about this sound.
> musicians are a silly bunch.
> on the other hand, i vaguely recall that when the US phone 
> network went digital, callers found the lack of noise on the 
> line disconcerting: it sounded like the line was dead.  so 
> they ended up adding back some digitized noise.  a "comfort 
> sound", if you will.

Film makers have been artificially adding scratches, coloration and 
other defects to film and video for a long time, in an attempt to 
make film look old and worn.  Photographers have been sepia toning 
modern photographs for decades.  Seems there's always someone who 
wants to make something old.  


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