Re: [Harp-L] Question about gapping harmonic's

I gap every harp I buy, after which I emboss the slots with a penny and check the tuning.  

Takes about 10 minutes per harp, and it makes the harp respond the way I like it. Gapping especially has a big effect on the way the instrument responds.  

Individuals tend to be very particular about how they like their harps to play, and harps in general are mass-produced items that by definition aren't manufactured to the specifications of a particular individual. So if you want your harps to play the way you like, you have to make the necessary minor adjustments.

Of course, many people play their harps right out of the box, without adjustments.  But a lot of those people complain about the way their harps play. Gapping in particular would probably eliminate most of those complaints, and once you've gapped one harp the way you like it, you've got a model that works for all the others.

Regards, Richard Hunter
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