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With all due respect, it could have been your playing that got better. I
see a lot of beginners (let's call that the first ten years) who don't
like Hohners, typically preferring Lee Oskars. The Lee Oskar is a fine
harp; consistently so, with good tuning and durability. They also have a
lighter action or feel, making them a little easier to bend, and also
making them rather trebly (dare I say shrill) I like Hohners because
they put up a fight. It's a bit like preferring a guitar with a high
action to a low. I can dig in on a Hohner without it squawking. Been
playing them for nearly forty years and haven't found a reason to change
yet. Mind you, I've yet to try a Seydel or Hering yet.

>>> drori hammer <drori_hammer@xxxxxxxxx> 15/06/2007 1:26:52 >>>
  When I first started playing harmonica (late 80s-early 90s) I tried
Hohner Blues harps and hated them - they were leaky, stiff and just
generally low quality harps. Since then I have avoided them like the
  However, recently I had the occaision to try one (they are now part
of the MS series) - I needed a Bflat harp  urgently for a session and
that model was the only one in the shop - And I was pleasantly
surprised. It blows easily, is fairly air-tight (for an out-of-the-box
MS harp) and I can even get fairly good 4-5-6 overblows from it with
minimal gapping! I thought this might be a fluke, but I have since
bought 2 others (in G and D) and they are just as good. Is it just my
imagination, or has Hohner improved this harmonica?
  n any case, just thought I`d share this positive impression with

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