Re: [Harp-L] 3rd position blues harp

Well, Sonny Boy II recorded his "I DOn't Know" using some very sparing
third position, while the mostly conversational tune "The Hunt" also
sounds like third. I'm not aware of any Sonny Boy I in third - it seems
to have cought on a few yers after his passing.

Little Walter used third - on both diatonic (for the vocal) and
chromatic (for the solo) backing Muddy Waters on "I just Want to make
Love to You."

A lot George Smith's early stuff was in third on diatonic - sorry, I
don't have citations ready to hand.

If you can find it, James (then "Jimmy") Cotton played some very tasty,
atmospheric third behind pinao player Alberto Giaquanto's humorous
storytelling on "Little Red Riding Hood" from a mid-1960's Cotton album
on Verve.

Third position is all over Charlie (or was it "Charley") Musselwhite's
first two albums (on Vanguard), "Stand Back!" and "Stone Blues." Those
were the records that really got me to playing third and wondering why
everybody didn't play third all the time! Stand Back includes his
earliest recording of Cristo Redemptor.

Lost and lots of third recorded since then - maybe Charlie's playing 
had a simliar effect on other folks.

Like Jason Ricci - whose website comes up with one of his signature
tunes played in third:


--- msky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi everyone.
> I'm new to the list and was wondering if anyone has a good list of
> 3rd position blues harp examples (Sonny Boy Williamson, etc.), that I
> could listen to for some education?
> Thanks
> Mark Moldowsky
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