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The tune is in a minor which fits so perfect on the chromatic.  You can use the chromatic to play 
the head.  I 
played along to the song and it works great.  if you are more comfortable on the diatonic, 
switch to the diatonic 
when soloing over the a minor progression, g in third position or an Oskar a minor which 
works better imho.   It 
even modulates to Bb minor for a brief part in the beginning of the tune which is nothing 
more than button in 
and there you are.  If you have a chromatic, work on the head of the song or even see if you 
can figure out the 
harmony that Dicky Betts is doing on the second stuff.  This is tune worth 
working on, it may take 
awhile but it will be worth it.  There are a couple of areas that you will be glad you are using 
a chro. because 
there is a couple Gb's and Eb's that will necessitate you using a chro.  good luck.


Roger Gonzales  

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Subject: [Harp-L] in memory of elizabeth reed
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> at the jam the other night, the band started playing the allman 
> brothers' 
> "in memory of elizabeth reed".  i was able to play along, sorta, in 
> something 
> third-ish, but decided after a bit that i didn't know the song, and 
> shouldn't try 
> and learn in on their nickel, so i bowed out.  but it's a great 
> song, and now i'd
> like to figure it out.  listened twice on the way to work today, 
> and played 
> around a little, but can't seem to get it sounding right.
> so, does anyone have any thoughts on how best to play this?  
> position, key, etc?
> what would really help is if you could explain your thought 
> process, i.e. how would
> you analyze this song to decide on the approach you recommend?
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