[Harp-L] Re: Searching for Half-Valved Players

That  sounded really nice Eugene. Pity it was so short. 

>>> "Eugene Ryan" <ryan.eugene@xxxxxxxxx> 13/06/2007 21:44:46 >>>
>>Brendan Power wrote:
>>However, I feel there is a better way to go: the half-valved

I have to agree with Brendan on this one.  I play half-valved
chromatic and I think it's the perfect compromise between
expressiveness and ability to play fully chromatically in tune
(easily).  You can play this type of chromatic in the traditional way,
but also you can lean on the draw notes and use a big vibrato like the
way blues players would.

Here's a short sample (from "My Funny Valentine") improvised from a
gig a while ago where I'm playing an instrument that Brendan built for
me.  I hope it illustrates that you can get a nice chrom sound, and
play dirty as well:

All the best,
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