[Harp-L] Re: Atlantic Canada Harmonica Festival

Great photos
What is the device that is using Phil Potvin??


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Hurrycane Ramon says:

"< http://harmonicafestival.ca/photos.html  > 

- - But also  - -  

Low and behold on the cover page in the lower left
bottom pic is of one 
of our list's members :

 " James Thurgood " 

Blowin and playing guitar ! Great pic !"

I says:

Some unkind souls might say 'Playin and blowing
guitar' ...  Thanks for the mention, HR.  I'm glad
that picture's there; otherwise I might have worn the
same shirt two years in a row, and my stock would go
way down ...

If any of you are in the neighbourhood on Aug. 21st,
do come by; it's a great little event.

- thurg  

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