[Harp-L] Searching for Half-Valved Players

In a message dated 6/13/2007 7:46:32 A.M.  Eastern Daylight Time Brendan 
Power writes:

Good to hear of players  taking the half-valved harmonica seriously. I'm a 
long-term acolyte: I started  half-valving my diatonics in the mid 80's, and 
soon after did the same with  chromatics; all my recordings are
on half-valved harps, diatonics and  chromatics. Suzuki's ProMaster MR350-V, 
the first commercial half-valved  diatonic, was a result of my suggesting the 
idea to Suzuki. 

I have  never tried a half-valved diatonic.  I'd like to try one.  So, in 
your  opinion(s), what would be the best out-of-the box brand and model of 
half-valved  harp and why?  Fwiw, i only play diatonics and prefer the setup to 
allow  OB's, esp. blow holes 4, 5, 6.
I'd also like to say that I only  recently heard Brendan Power's playing one 
one of his CD's (New Irish  Harmonica).  With playing like this, Brendan Power 
should be a household  name.  Great stuff.

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