Re: [Harp-L] Wider gaps?

The harder the player's customary attack, the wider gaps he or she will
favor, as low-gapped reeds will refuse to speak on a hard attack. 

Manufacturers try to set up stock harmonicas to favor a fairly wide
segment of the public, including beginners with pre-bending problems on
the low reeds. Many players find that their optimal setup is with reed
gaps lowered from stock, but I'm sure that there are players out there
who both attack hard and have enough knowledge to realize what sort of
reed setup will work best for them, and adjust gaps up from stock to
suit their preferences.

Players who prefer high gaps are unlikely to be overblow players.
They're more likely to be Chciago blues players, or perhaps rock
musicians who play in loud bands and hit hard as a reaction to that.


--- Sergei <svolkov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I was wondering, just like some guitar players prefer higher
> action, are there harp players who actually like playing with
> wider gaps?
> Sergei
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