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"Tim Moyer" <wmharps@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> "I remember one day I was driving to San Diego with my wife and some 
> friends and we were listening to the Elvis 1968 Comeback Special and 
> the harmonica kept on coming up. I thought to myself that I had to 
> get one. Twenty four hours later I was in the studio and I asked my 
> assistant to find a harmonica player. They came up with Tommy 
> Morgan, 

i think that this speaks to the notion that chris michalek was referring to,
that when someone's boss says "get a harmonica player", you want to be 
the one listed under "harmonica" in their cellphone, address book, etc.  
while it's conceivable that they did a long drawn out search process, it's
much more likely that tommy morgan has made himself the go-to guy 
when someone thinks "harmonica".

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