Subject: [Harp-L] Atlantic Canada Harmonica Festival/Americans need Passports

It sounds great, and Canada's a lovely place to visit, but I'd like to  
remind U.S. visitors to the Festival (and anywhere else in Canada for that  
matter), that passports are now required to fly to Canada and  beginning January, 
2008, I believe, Americans will be required to have  passports even to drive 
across the two borders (Canadian and Mexican)....but  since the backlog to obtain 
a passport seems to be around three months  at this juncture, there was a 
relief measure passed to allow  air  passengers to still travel through September 
30, 2007 if  proof was shown  of an existing application for a passport due to 
this huge backlog 
_Click  here: DHS: U.S. Citizens with Pending Passport Applications Allowed 
Temporary  Travel Flexibility Within Western Hemisphe_ 
A driver's license (or photo i.d.)  AND proof of citizenship is  the minimum 
requirement now to travel by land and sea to and from Canada if what  I've 
read is true (though there seem to be some grey areas) check first  before 
finalizing your plans.
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Subject: [Harp-L] Atlantic Canada Harmonica  Festival
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Atlantic Canada's only harmonica festival  now has a website of its own.
Take a look at Nova  Scotia is a great place to
visit in August and this festival makes it even  better. The festival is
scheduled for all day on August  18th.

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