[Harp-L] American Harmonica Newsmagazine-chordomonica

By the way, if any of you did not get the news, American Harmonica 
Newsmagazine ceased publication after the owner died in Sept-Oct 2005.

I received an e-mail today from Seydel (Newsletter No 014) with information 
about special tunings that are available. This is for the Blues Models 
(10-hole) and Pro12 (12 hole) and Chromatic-DeLuxe.

This seems like the perfect solution if you want a special tuning but don't 
or can't do it yourself. Plus, you're starting with new parts -- instead of 
retuning an "old" harp that may have other problems.

Also, recently, I received a letter asking about the availability of 
Chordomonicas. To my knowledge, nobody makes them any more in either of the I or II 
configurations. But I do know that Seydel makes a variation of the Chordomonica 
I (?) if you specify the notes/chords you want. 

If you want a chordomonica, the German company Seydel will make a brand new 
one from scratch like their 12-hole Chromatic Deluxe.

This would be like a Chordomonica I (?) -- that is like a retuned standard 
chromatic, instead you can have   access to four reed plates one plate blow-draw 
with button out and one plate blow-draw with button in. This is a brand new 
harp. I have no connection with Seydel but I have two of these harps. One is   
7th chords for key of C and another for key of G. Chords in C: C7 , G7, F7, 
dim 7. The I, IV V chord in dom 7th (flat 7th) tuning. The C7 tuning is C E G Bb 
  C E G Bb C E. I bought mine a couple of years ago (?).    

Go to this web site and download a PDF order form to stipulate the notes you 
want in your tuning. You send if off and they will tell you within 3 days if 
they can do it and how much it will cost.


Phil Lloyd

 See what's free at http://www.aol.com.

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