[Harp-L] Re: '59 Bassman LTD set up

Varies by mic and venue, Paul.

With my CM mics, I generally set up my Bassman repro with 12AY7 in V1 (as you describe), run bass from 4-6, treble 3-5, no mids, presence 7-10, volume around 3.

(I should mention that I'll be experimenting soon with using a 12AT7 or 5751 in V1).

With ThunderHarp mics, it's about the same, but I get much more out of the tone controls than with any sort of vintage element. These mics are much more responsive to the tone controls, so I'll exploit this advantage.

When I had an EV605, it sounded tough with the Bassman. Go for it.

And when I had a 545, it was killer. That's a great combo right there.

Oh, and I like the sound of a GZ35 rec in there as well, but for lower volume gigs, I'll typically use a 5U4GB.

It's a very versatile amp. Check out the #2 input for lower volume gigs. And don't dismiss the Bright channel, either.

From one Mac user to another, have fun!

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I have just purchased a '59 Bassman LTD. Big sounding amp!

I was wondering if anyone give me some advice on the best volume /
tone settings to use and which tube set up you think is best for it.

At the moment I have in the stock tubes with the exception of a 12AY7
in the far right preamp slot (looking from the back of the amp).

I am running a Boss DD3 into it as well sometimes. Usually I plug my
mic into channel 1 normal lead from channel 2 normal into the DD3
then out from the DD3 into channel 1 Bright.

Mics I am using are either an Astatic JT30 with MC151, or a JT30 with
a Shure Black Label CR.
I also have an EV605 and Shure 545SD, but I figure the bullets will
sound better with the Bassman?


Paul Routledge

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