Re: [Harp-L] Ocean's 13

I have an old vinyl LP (has to be 30+ years old) of
Frank Sinatra Great Hits that has "This Town" on it
and it has harp on it, but no credits given to the
harmonica player--probably Tommy Morgan.

Gotta go see the movie now... 

Ken H in OH

PS.  Some nice harp on some Dean Martin songs too
like the song "Houston".

--- "jazmaan@xxxxxxxxxxx" <dmf273@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Diatonic harp is featured prominently in the
> climactic scenes of Ocean's 13.  Anybody know who's
> playing it?    At one point, late in the movie, it
> even sounds like they've remixed Frank
> Sinatra's "This Town" to add harmonica.  Or maybe
> I'm mistaken and the harp was there to begin
> with.  Anybody know?
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