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Excerpt .

Special20 axed about tube amps:

I have a 4x speaker cab I like and I'm thinking of getting a tube amp head in the 30-45 watt range to drive it. I play blues harp with a bullet mic, kinda ragged, so I need some tube overdrive distoriton.


Hurricane sez :

I don't own any of these units ( except the JBL speakers ) mentioned below or get a thing from anyone for what I write on these things ..

So w'dat outta de way .......

Many friends have made a point of these amps . 


A Fender tube anything near the 50 watt range is gonna cost ya your left cuticle . 

If your just going to jam alone at home a smaller watt 15 to 25 should sound super on those 4x?s :) , 10s will sound sweet ,12's will make your amp work harder unless your pumping 50 to 60 watts . 

I have a group of JBL 8" speakers that I'm considering using for a 4x8" cabinet set up , I think it's gonna sound super in the studio for guitars and harps , but that's for another email . 

Some friends are getting the 5 watt :


and using it as a pre amp to drive a larger solid state ( cheaper ) x-tor guitar amp with super results with out the super price tags . 

ART has a little tube pre amp that's cool as well hooked up to a larger amp / P. A . and is dirt cheap at $43.99 @ Musiciansfriend . 


" Harp Commanders " hooked in a similar manner can't loose as a cost effective  bang for de buck . A Meteor or a SonnyJr. Tubeamp Head would be 

" Mana " 

>From Harp Heaven , 

I've salivated over owning one of those set ups  myself many a time after seeing and hearing one wail away live .  Harp Commanders and or the tube amps Ron Holmes makes are also a consideration too .  

Good hunting heh heh , I'm always on the lookout of for a super dooper toober amp . Had a few and love em , have some now and still am looking for the next step in a tube amp . 

Some times the search is more fun than the find .

Sincerely :

Hurricane Ramon 

Aka :


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