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To convert the musical staff to harmonica tablature; simply purchase a Mel
Bay (or anybody else's) harmonica book that includes musical notation AND
tablature   to make your own conversion card.

Basically, you will come up a chart that shows that middle C (off the staff
and one space and one line below the staff) is Blow 1, D (the space below the
staff) is Draw 1, E (the first line on the staff) is Blow 2 and G (the 2nd line
of the staff) is Blow 3.

Once you understand this tiny bit of musical information, you can easily
convert hundreds of tunes written in the key of C to harmonica tab very easily.

However, before you have converted more than 6 or 8 songs, you will find that you don't have to look at your chart any more because you will remember the conversions. When that happens you can dispense with the chart and with tab. You will be able to look at a note on the staff and find it directly on your harp.

HORRORS!...WARNING!...BEWARE!...that means that you will be reading music! You will be in grave danger of losing that proud distinction that sets you apart from musicians. You will feel your spontaniety weakening as it is constrained by the disciplines of standard notation. Go down that path and you risk being robbed of the bliss of ignorance of standard notation. You will lose the pleasure of listening to recordings over and over to learn the tunes and licks thereon. Even worse, you might even find yourself learning songs without ever hearing a recording. Reject Phil's advice and avoid this terrible fate. Do not be deceived, Phil is trying to trick you into doing something that you

Warning courtesy of: Vern Smith

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